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Because of their wrestling prowess, the Phogat family is well-known throughout India. The Phogat sisters have won numerous awards for India in wrestling, ranging from Geeta Phogat to the current sensation Vinesh Phogat. While all four sisters, Geeta, Babita, Ritu, and Sangeeta, as well as their cousins Vinesh and Priyanka, are accomplished wrestlers, the names of two of them, Geeta and Babita, have become synonymous with Indian sports fans courtesy to the Bollywood film Dangal. The film has had such an impact that when people think of the Phogat family, Geeta and Babita are often the first and only names that come to mind. While this may be attributed to Ritu's switch to mixed martial arts (MMA) and Sangeeta, Priyanka's continued involvement in domestic circles, the same cannot be said for Vinesh Phogat, who is 26 years old.


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